*HeliX Vertical Garden – 100 Plant System*

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  • Super Easy To Use
    Lettuce Evolve makes Growing Fresh Food Easy! Designed over the last 9 Years, this is the most Radically Simple and Sustainable way to Garden!
  • Grow Up To 100 Plants
    Legitimately Save Money on Groceries by Growing Up to 100 Plants, while fitting Beautifully on a Patio!
  • Better Than The Store
    Tastier and More Local thn the Store, Most People will go their Entire Lives without Tasting Food this Fresh!
  • Self Watering
    Fill the Aquarium Twice per Month and it Takes Care of the Rest!
  • Self-Fertilizing
    Built-In Aquarium with Fish inside that Naturally Fertilize Your Plants!
  • No Soil & No Weeding
    Special Lightweight Rocks eliminate Weeds and make Gardening a Breeze!
  • Grows Up To 3X Faster Than Soil
    Full Eco-System Delivers Constant Supply of Nutrients Directly to the Roots!
  • No Harmful Chemicals or Pesticides
    Take Comfort in Knowing Exactly What is on Your Plate!

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