About Us

How We Got Started

Passion all the way to the roots – Our founder, John Murphy, created Lettuce Evolve™ to save his life.

He got sick in 2009 and couldn’t walk for years. In 2010 he drew up the first Aquarium-Powered Vertical Garden while being sick in bed. Like many people, organic food was too expensive for him to buy, but he needed the highest quality food to help heal his body. Stranded in the city and surrounded by concrete, he turned toward his bedroom to put his garden. He created a vertical garden to utilize the limited space that he had, while maximizing the amount of plants he could grow to create a sustainable platform for growing 100% fresh organic fruits and veggies, without pesticides or fertilizers.

Better with Age

The really cool thing about our gardens is that we are building an ecosystem. As it establishes itself and matures, the environment becomes rich with nutrients, trace minerals, enzymes and all the essential building blocks to make the plants grow and flourish. It literally gets better with age. Giving us faster grow times and the best tasting ingredients.

John Murphy, Founder & President

John couldn’t walk for over 3 years. He  created a Vertical Farm to save his life, and from that, Lettuce Evolve™ was born. He pioneered the technology in Texas and then took it to India to prove it under harsh and demanding conditions.

Patrick Seaman, CEO

Experienced Entrepreneur, including Yahoo! Broadcast.com employee.#1, Technology head, and many other startups as either founder, CEO, CTO or COO.